The Present Moment    

Quotes for
the Journey:

Present Moment 2

Every moment is a golden one
to those who have the visions
to recognize it as such.

Henry Miller


Hold every moment sacred.  Give each clarity and meaning, each the weight of your awareness, each its true and due fulfillment.       -Thomas Mann

Be here in the moment, as an artist is here with focused attention, whether you are cooking, cleaning, praying, playing, or reading.  Be here in the moment, as an athlete is here in that sweet spot of time when everything is effortless, fluid, and free.  The banquet is spread before us, and it is the wish of the Divine Host that we partake of the present moment without regrets for the past or fears of the future.  Pledge yourself to the moment and let it teach you.  Surrender yourself to the moment and let it preach you.        -Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
Those who think to reach God by running away from the world, when and where do they expect to meet him?  We are reaching him here in this very spot, now at this very moment.       -Rabindranath Tagore
We hurry through the so-called boring things in order to attend to that which we deem more important, interesting.  Perhaps the final freedom will be a recognition that every thing in every moment is 'essential' and that nothing at all is "important."       -Helen M. Luke
If we know that we are now at the point where we have always wanted to be, we will be there. . . because we are never there but always here, now!       -Paul Twitchell

Step into this moment, because it is the only one you have right now.  It is not wasted or thrown away.  The divine opportunity could be stolen unless you tell yourself it is here right now; available to you this moment, to make of it anything you choose.  Why not choose this moment, right now, to be available to yourself by declaring, I AM GOOD! . . . . The richness of the present is here.  The fullness of now is present.  If you are not here now, it means you could be missing the love, joy, peace  and brand-new ideas that are here right now.       -Iyanla Vanzant
The present is passed over in the race for the future; the here is neglected in favor of the there.  Enjoy the moment, even if it means merely a walk in the country.       -Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Above all, we cannot afford not to live in the present.  They are blessed over all mortals who lose no moment of the passing life in remembering the past.       -Henry David Thoreau
Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.       -Thomas Carlyle
To live with God is to live always in the present, with him who is the eternal Now.       -John A.T. Robinson
I realized that living in the present is not an idea.  Itís reality.  Itís like taking one step at a time.  Sounds good.  Good philosophy, right?  Then it occurred to me, Have you ever taken two steps at a time?  We canít.  Itís as simple as that:  we canít.     Itís the same with living in the present.  Our thoughts may wander to the past or the future.  Yet, our thoughts are just thoughts.  Our bodies are in the present.  We are in the present.  Thatís just the way it is.       -Anne Wilson Schaef
This--this was what made life: a moment of quiet, the water falling in the fountain, the girl's voice. . . a moment of captured beauty.  Those who are truly wise will never permit such moments to escape.       -Louis L'Amour

We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand. . . and melting like a snowflake.  Let us use it before it is too late.       -Marie Beynon Ray
I live now and only now, and I will do what I want to do this moment and not what I decided was best for me yesterday.        -Hugh Prather
To be reborn hourly and daily in this life, we need to die--to give of ourselves wholly to the demands of the moment, so that we utterly "disappear."  Thoughts of past, present, or future, of life and death, of this world and the next, are transcended in the superabundance of the now.  Time and timelessness coalesce:  this is the moment of eternity.  Thus our every act is a matter either of giving life or taking it away.  If we perform each act with total absorption, we give life to our life.  If we do things half-heartedly, we kill that life.        -Philip Kapleau
My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing your best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.       -Oprah Winfrey
The passing moment is all we can be sure of; it is only common sense to extract its utmost value from it.        -W. Somerset Maugham

The Present Moment    

Hold to the now, the here, through which all future plunges to the past.       -James Joyce
Our latest moment is always our supreme moment.  Five minutes delay  in dinner now is more important than a great sorrow ten years gone.       -Samuel Butler
Love the moment and the energy of the moment will spread beyond all boundaries.       -Corita Kent
My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just to enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate.
-Thornton Wilder
The present moment is always full of infinite treasure.  It contains far more than you can possibly grasp.  Faith is the measure of its riches:  what you find in the present moment is according to the measure of your faith.
    Love also is the measure:  the more the heart loves, the more it rejoices in what God provides.  The will of God presents itself at each moment like an immense ocean that the desire of your heart cannot empty; yet you will drink from that ocean according to your faith and love.       -Jean-Pierre de Caussade

I can feel guilty about the past, apprehensive about the future, but only in the present can I act.  The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.       -Abraham Maslow
Not living in the present is a form of denial.  It's easier to live in the past or future because then you don't have to be responsible for the present.       -Jane Hendrix
Do we need to make a special effort to enjoy the beauty of the blue sky?  Do we have to practice to be able to enjoy it?  No, we just enjoy it.  Each second, each minute of our lives can be like this.  Wherever we are, any time, we have the capacity to enjoy the sunshine, the presence of each other, even the sensation of our breathing.  We don't need to go to China to enjoy the blue sky.  We don't have to travel into the future to enjoy our breathing.  We can be in touch with these things right now.       -Thich Nhat Hanh

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Walking meditation is a way of waking up to the wonderful moment we are living in.  If our minds are caught up and preoccupied with our worries and our suffering, or if we distract ourselves with other things while walking, we can't practice mindfulness; we can't enjoy the present moment.  We're missing out on life.  If we're awake, then we'll see this is a wonderful moment that life has given us, the only moment in which life is available.  We can value each step we take, and each step can bring us happiness because we're in touch with life, with the source of happiness, and with our beloved planet.    -Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Walk
The power of memories and expectations is such that for most human beings the past and the future are not as real, but more real than the present.  The present cannot be lived happily unless the past has been ďcleared upĒ and the future is bright with promise. . . . it is of little use to us to be able to remember and predict if it makes us unable to live fully in the present.  What is the use of planning to be able to eat next week unless I can really enjoy the meals when they come?  If I am so busy planning how to eat next week that I cannot fully enjoy what I am eating now, I will be in the same predicament when next weekís meals become ďnow.Ē
     If my happiness at this moment consists largely in reviewing happy memories and expectations, I am but dimly aware of this present. I shall still be dimly aware of the present when the good things that I have been expecting come to pass. For I shall have formed a habit of looking behind and ahead, making it difficult for me to attend to the here and now. If, then, my awareness of the past and future makes me less aware of the present, I must begin to wonder whether I am actually living in the real world.    -Alan Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity


The Present Moment    

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