Quotes for
the Journey:

Prayer 2

Our thanks to God should
always precede our requests.



A grandfather was walking through his yard when he heard his granddaughter repeating the alphabet in a tone of voice that sounded like a prayer.  He asked her what she was doing.  The little girl explained:  "I'm praying, but I can't think of exactly the right words, so I'm just saying all the letters, and God will put them together for me, because He knows what I'm thinking."       -Charles B. Vaughan

If you begin to live life looking for the God that is all around you, every moment becomes a prayer.       -Frank Bianco
You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.       -Khalil Gibran
I would love to have a more earnest prayer life!  In my life, prayer is the single most difficult discipline.  I love God and thereís something in me that would rather do things for God than talk to God.  Iím not by nature a mystical, devotional person.  I like to do things.  And so itís a challenge for me to have a faithful prayer life, but I know God loves me and Heís not mad at me.  He just wishes I would slow down and turn things over to Him.  And thatís what I think you achieve through prayer.       -Max Lucado
Prayer is not the moment when God and humans are in relationship, for that is always.  Prayer is taking initiative to intentionally respond to God's presence.       -L. Robert Keck

Prayer is not an old woman's idle amusement.  Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.       -Mohandas Gandhi
Prayer, the basic exercise of the spirit, must be actively practiced in our private lives.  The neglected soul of the human being must be made strong enough to assert itself once more.  For if the power of prayer is again released and used in the lives of common men and women; if the spirit declares its aims clearly and boldly, there is yet hope that our prayers for a better world will be answered.        -Alexis Carrel
If you are considering using prayer to help you find your way, I have some good news:  a guarantee that your prayers will be answered.  How can I guarantee something like that?  Itís easy.  When you pray, you are changed.  The moment you begin praying, you step into the mystery and become part of it, and you are, inevitably, changed.  So your prayers are answered because you are a different person after you pray.
     When you embrace the mystery and open yourself to it, a new life is created, resistant to the old problems.  You will notice at times that the new life isnít what you asked for.  But asking for specific items or for particular events to occur isnít how I define prayer.  I cannot guarantee that the orders you place with God will always be filled.  Prayer is not a test of God, but a call for help to find your inner strength and talent.        -Bernie Siegel
The privilege of prayer to me is one of the most cherished possessions, because faith and experience alike convince me that God himself sees and answers, and His answers I never venture to criticize.  It is only my part to ask.  If it were otherwise, I would not dare to pray at all.         -Wilfred T. Grenfell
Pray till prayer makes you forget your own wish, and leave it or merge it in God's will.        -Frederick W. Robertson
Get into the habit of dealing with God about everything.  Unless in the first waking moment of the day you learn to fling the door wide back and let God in, you will work on a wrong level all day; but swing the door wide open and pray to your Father in secret, and every public thing will be stamped with the presence of God.        -Oswald Chambers
There is no prayer so blessed as the prayer which asks for nothing.       -O.J. Simon (1895)
Trouble and perplexity drive me to prayer, and prayer drives away perplexity and trouble.       -Philip Melanchthon
Prayer is love raised to its greatest power, and the prayer of intercession is the noblest and most Christian kind of prayer because in it love-- and imagination--reach their highest and widest range.       -Robert J. McCracken
Prayer for worldly goods is worse than fruitless, but prayer for strength of soul is that passion of the soul which catches the gift it seeks.       -George Meredith

I have not the courage to search through books for beautiful prayers. . . Unable either to say them all or choose between them, I do as a child would do who cannot read--I say just what I want to say to God, quite simply, and he never fails to understand.       -St. Therese of Lisieux
Itís a risky thing to pray and the danger is that our very prayers get between God and us.  The great thing in prayer is not to pray, but to go directly to God. . . . The fact is, though, that if you descend into the depths of your own spirit and arrive somewhere near the center of what you are, you are confronted with the inescapable truth that, at the very root of your existence, you are in constant and immediate contact with the infinite power of God.       -Thomas Merton
Wants and needs are closely connected.  And all our needs, even the ones weíre not completely aware of yet, will be met.  Be grateful that God knows more about what we need than we do.  Sometimes when we pray, we get what we want.  Sometimes we get what we need.  Accept both answersóthe yesís and the something elseísówith heartfelt gratitude.  Then look around and see what your lesson and gift is.       -Melody Beattie


Prayer covers the whole of our life.  There is no thought, feeling, yearning, or desire, however low, trifling, or vulgar we may deem it, which if it affects our real interest or happiness, we may not lay before God and be sure of sympathy.  His nature is such that our often coming does not tire him.  The whole burden of the whole life of humans may be rolled on to God and not weary him, though it has wearied us.       -Henry Ward Beecher
God is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button to get things done.       -Harry Emerson Fosdick
Prayer is not conquering God's reluctance, but taking hold of God's willingness.       -Phillips Brooks
They tell about a fifteen-year-old boy in an orphans' home who had an incurable stutter.  One Sunday the minister was detained and the boy volunteered to say the prayer in his stead.  He did it perfectly, too, without a single stutter.  Later he explained, "I don't stutter when I talk to God. He loves me."     -Bennett Cerf

God prefers bad verses recited with a pure heart to the finest verses chanted by the wicked.       -Voltaire
The value of persistent prayer is not that He will hear us . . .  but that we will finally hear Him.        -William  McGill
Where are we taught that prayer is something we can go to at any time, in any place?  Are we ever taught that in order to get results, we must pray with faith and persistence?  I will be among the first to admit that for many years my prayers were results-oriented.  There was something I wanted, and I thought prayer could get it for me when I could not get it for myself.  It took me quite some time to realize that prayer is actually an affirmation of what already exists.  Prayer is a demonstration of our willingness to receive what exists as an outgrowth of our faith in the truth that is good for us.  Prayer is an acknowledgement of our trust in the Divine to provide everything we need, when we need it.       -Iyanla Vanzant

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I consider prayer to be of immense psychological benefit.  But we must accept that its tangible results are often hard to see. When it comes to obtaining certain, direct results, it is clear that prayer cannot match the achievements of, for instance, modern science. When I was ill some years ago, it was certainly comforting to know that people were praying for me, but it was, I must admit, still more comforting to know that the hospital where I was being treated had the very latest equipment to deal with my condition!    -The Dalai Lama, Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World



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