Quotes for
the Journey:


This page will take a while
to get going, but here are a few
sites to get started with!

Quotations sites: 


Living Life Fully.   I really love this site.  Quotations, articles, book excerpts, a weekly e-zine, wallpaper, free daily quotations and meditations in your email--it's amazing what they offer.  I have a lot of their material on this site, by mutual agreement.

Uplifting Ideas.  Quotes and ideas that will help you to raise your spirits when you need them!
Daily Celebrations.  A vast collection of quotes on a vast number of topics.  They're cross-referenced by author's last name, too.

I'll have more sites on this page before you know it!  We'll be including inspirational, motivational, quotation, and coaches' sites, among others.