Quotes for
the Journey:



Slow down and take the time to really see.  Take a moment to see what is going on around you right now, right where you are.  You may be missing something wonderful.       -J. Michael Thomas
The feeling of being hurried is not usually the result of living a full life and having no time.  It is, rather, born of a vague fear that we are wasting our life.        -Eric Hoffer

The Rabbi of Berdichev saw a man running down the street.  He asked the man, "Why are you hurrying so?"
   "I'm rushing to find my livelihood," the man answered.
   "And how do you know," the rabbi asked, "that your livelihood is running ahead of you?  Maybe it's behind you, and all you need to do is stop running and it will catch up to you."

traditional Chassidic Jewish story


If you could once make up your mind never to undertake more work than you can carry on calmly, quietly, without hurry or flurry. . . . and if the instant you feel yourself growing nervous and out of breath, you would stop and take breath, you would find this simple common-sense rule doing for you what no prayers or tears could ever accomplish.       -Elizabeth Prentiss


Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.        -Will Rogers

We are in such haste to be doing, to be writing, to be gathering gear, to make our voice audible a moment in the derisive silence of eternity, that we forget one thing, of which these are but the parts—namely, to live.  We fall in love, we drink hard, we run to and fro upon the earth like frightened sheep.  And now you are to ask yourself if, when all is done, you would not have been better to sit by the fire at home, and be happy thinking.  To sit still and contemplate . . . is this not to know both wisdom and virtue, and to dwell with happiness?        -Robert Louis Stevenson
Recently I've begun to slow down and do things one at a time.  I'm inspired--and simultaneously exasperated--by my son who, like most six-year-olds, likes to take his time to get to where he wants to be.  It's as if he truly savors the path more than the destination.  As I prod him to "hurry up," he slows down to relish his journey even more.
-Leslie Levine

In the deep jungles of Africa, a traveler was making a long trek.  Natives had been engaged from a tribe to carry the loads. The first day they marched rapidly and went far.  The traveler had high hopes of a speedy journey.  But the second morning these jungle tribesmen refused to move.  For some strange reason they just sat and rested.  On inquiry as to the reason for this strange behavior, the traveler was informed that they had gone too fast the first day, and that they were now waiting for their souls to catch up with their bodies.
     This whirling rushing life which so many of us live does for us what that first march did for those jungle tribesmen.  The difference:  they knew what they needed to restore life's balance; too often we do not.       -Lettie Cowman


Perhaps it would be a good idea, fantastic as it sounds, to muffle every telephone, stop every motor and halt all activity for an hour some day to give people a chance to ponder for a few minutes on what it is all about, why they are living, and what they really want.        -James Truslow Adams

We are naturally reverent beings, but much of our natural reverence has been torn away from us because we have been born into a world that hurries.  There is no time to be reverent with the earth or with each other.  We are all hurrying into progress.  And for all our hurrying we lose sight of our true nature a little more each day.        -Macrina Wiederkehr
When I'm hurrying, my focus also shifts to time and how much of it is going by how quickly.  I don't focus on doing the best job I can or making sure that everything's done correctly--I just focus on the process of trying to hurry things up.  We all see it and hear it time and again--when you hurry, you make mistakes, and those mistakes probably would have been avoided if you had taken your time to do the job right.       -Tom Walsh


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