Quotes for
the Journey:


Make decisions from the
heart and use your head
to make it work out.

Sir Girad


It is said that history turns on small hinges.  A human career, too, results from an accumulating series of decisions about large and small matters over a period of years.  But the catch is that you can never know when a seemingly small decision may prove to be, from the vantage of later years, the big decision of your life.     -Norman Vincent Peale

The key to success is to make good decisions.  The key to making good decisions is to have experience.  The key to getting experience is to make bad decisions.      -unattributed
Decisions, particularly important ones, have always made me sleepy, perhaps because I know that I will have to make them by instinct, and thinking things out is only what other people tell me I should do.     -Lillian Hellman
A rule of thumb for a warrior is that he makes his decisions so carefully that nothing that may happen as a result of them can surprise him, much less drain his power.      -Carlos Castaneda
Never cut a tree down in the wintertime.  Never make a negative decision in the low time.  Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods.  Wait.  Be patient.  The storm will pass.  The spring will come.     -Robert H. Schuller
You are now at a crossroads.  This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make.  Forget your past.  Who are you now?  Who have you decided you really are now?  Don't think about who you have been.  Who are you now?  Who have you decided to become?  Make this decision consciously.  Make it carefully.  Make it powerfully.     -Anthony Robbins

Keep a journal of some of the decisions you make during the day.  Notice when you do what you want, when you choose not to, and for what reasons.  For example, you may choose to go to a party when you really want to stay home.  Do you push yourself to work hard even if you are not feeling well?  Do you hold back from expressing your ideas, feelings, or creative impulses out of fear of criticism?  Write how you feel about the choices you made.  Notice how you feel physically and emotionally.  Be careful not to judge or criticize yourself for any of your choices.  Cultivate an attitude of compassionate observation so you can learn what works for you and what doesn't.      -Shakti Gawain
Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight; indecision, a dull one that hacks and tears and leaves ragged edges behind it.     -Gordon Graham
Until you are committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, ineffectiveness.  It is true: the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves. All sorts of things begin to happen to help you that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from that decision, raising in your favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which you couldn't have dreamt would come your way.
-W.H. Murray
Decide promptly, but never give any reasons. Your decisions may be right, but your reasons are sure to be wrong.
Lord Mansfield
Be willing to make decisions.  That's the most important quality in a good leader.      -George S. Patton
It doesn't matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes.  What matters most is getting off.  You cannot make progress without making decisions.      -Jim Rohn
Every decision-making conversation has three hidden conversations lurking just out of sight.  One is about what we’re trying to accomplish by even bothering to make a decision.  After all, we could just let things fall where they may.  The second conversation is about the criteria we’ll use to make the decision.  The last conversation is about finding and choosing between different options.      -Steve Robbins

Indecision is debilitating; it feeds upon itself; it is, one might almost say, habit-forming. Not only that, but it is contagious; it transmits itself to others.      -H.A. Hopf
In arriving at a decision in a question of doubt, the apostles in the Acts were guided solely by their sense of the Spirit behind the action, not by any speculations as to consequences which might ensue. And so they found the truth.
-Roland Allen
My basic principle is that you don't make decisions because they are cheap; you make them because they're right.      -Theodore Hesburgh
The truth is that many people set rules to keep from making decisions.     -Mike Krzyzewski
More than anything else, I believe it's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny.
Anthony Robbins
Half the worry in the world is caused by people trying to make decisions before they have sufficient knowledge on which to base a decision.      -Dean Hawkes
When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vital matters, however, such as the choice of a mate or a profession, the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves. In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature.     -Sigmund Freud
In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing.  The worst thing you can do is nothing.
-Theodore Roosevelt
Every decision that you make either moves you toward your personality, or toward your soul.  Each decision you make is an answer to the question, "How do you choose to learn love?", "How do you choose to learn authentic empowerment--through doubt and fear, or through wisdom?"      -Gary Zukav
Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.      -Napoleon Bonaparte


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The moment a question comes to your mind, see yourself mentally taking hold of it and disposing of it.  In that moment. . . you learn to become the decider and not the vacillator.  Thus you build character.     -H. Van Anderson
People "died" all the time. . . . Parts of them died when they made the wrong kinds of decisions--decisions against life.  Sometimes they died bit by bit until finally they were just living corpses walking around.  If you were perceptive you could see it in their eyes; the fire had gone out. . . you always knew when you made a decision against life.  The door clicked and you were safe inside--safe and dead.     -Anne Morrow Lindbergh
When possible make the decisions now, even if the action is in the future.  A revised decision usually is better than one reached at the last moment.     -William B. Given, Jr.
No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made.  Destiny is made known silently.     -Agnes DeMille
We lose the fear of making decisions, great and small, as we realize that should our choice prove wrong we can, if we will, learn from the experience.      -Bill W.
Form the habit of making decisions when your spirit is fresh. . . to let dark moods lead is like choosing cowards to command armies.      -Charles Horton Cooley
One's mind has a way of making itself up in the background, and it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.      -Arthur Christopher Benson
Not all of your decisions will be correct.  None of us is perfect.  But if you get into the habit of making decisions, experience will develop your judgment to a point where more and more of your decisions will be right.  After all, it is better to be right 51 percent of the time and get something done, than it is to get nothing done because you fear to reach a decision.      -H.W. Andrews
Continually one faces the horrible matter of making decisions.  The solution is, as far as possible, to avoid conscious rational decisions and choices; simply to do what you find yourself doing; to float in the great current of life with as little friction as possible; to allow things to settle themselves, as indeed they do with the most infallible certainty.
-Christopher Morley
It is said that history turns on small hinges.  A human career, too, results from an accumulating series of decisions about large and small matters over a period of years.  But the catch is that you can never know when a seemingly small decision may prove to be, from the vantage of later years, the big decision of your life.     -Norman Vincent Peale


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