Quotes for
the Journey:


Every ambitious person is a captive
and every covetous one a pauper.

Arab proverb


The covetous person is full of fear; and he or she who lives in fear will ever be a slave.       -Horace


Covetousness bursts the sack and spills the grain.      -Walter Scott

I believe that if we're going to deal with covetousness, we must look at it as a symptom, not as a trait itself.  It's great to say "Thou shalt not covet," but we need to ask why we're coveting.  We need to examine the ideas and ideals that the person who covets holds dear.  We need to look at the whole package, not just the covetous behavior itself.  The best thing we can do for a person who covets is not just point out the fact that he or she is doing something he or she shouldn't do, but to help them find out why they're doing so.  If they believe that people will admire them more if they were married to a certain person or driving a certain car, we need to let them know that we admire them already for exactly who they are.  They don't need to be anything else.     -Tom Walsh
The evils of the body are, murder, theft, and adultery; of the tongue, lying, slander, abuse, and idle talk; of the mind, covetousness, hatred, and error.
-the Buddha
Covetousness is both the beginning and the end of the devil's alphabet --the first vice in corrupt nature that moves, and the last which dies.      -Michel de Montaigne
The covetous person pines in plenty, like Tantalus up to the chin in water, and yet thirsty.       -Thomas Adams

If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.  The covetous person cannot so properly be said to possess wealth, as that it may be said to possess him or her.       -Francis Bacon
Covetous people are fools, miserable wretches, buzzards, mad people who live by themselves, in perpetual slavery, fear, suspicion, sorrow, discontent, with more of gall than honey in their enjoyments; who are rather possessed by their money than possessors of it.       -Robert Burton
The covetous person is like a camel with a great hunch on its back; heaven's gate must be made higher and broader, or he or she will hardly get in.       -Thomas Adams
It was with good reason that God commanded through Moses that the vineyard and harvest were not to be gleaned to the last grape or grain; but something to be left for the poor.  For covetousness is never to be satisfied; the more it has, the more it wants.  Such insatiable ones injure themselves, and transform God's blessings into evil.       -Martin Luther

There is not a vice which more effectually contracts and deadens the feelings, which more completely makes a man's affections center in himself, and excludes all others from partaking in them, than the desire of accumulating possessions.  When the desire has once gotten hold on the heart, it shuts out all other considerations, but such as may promote its view.  In its zeal for the attainment of its end, it is not delicate in the choice of means.  As it closes the heart, so also it clouds the understanding.  It cannot discern, between right and wrong; it takes evil for good, and good for evil; it calls darkness light, and light darkness.  Beware, then, of the beginning of covetousness, for you know not where it will end.       -Richard Mant
Covetousness, by a greediness of getting more, deprives itself of the true end of getting; it loses the enjoyment of what it has got.       -Thomas Sprat
Covetousness teaches people to be cruel and crafty, industrious and evil, full of care and malice; and after all this, it is for no good to itself, for it dares not spend those heaps of treasure which it has snatched.       -Jeremy Taylor
If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.  The covetous person cannot so properly be said to possess wealth, as that may be said to possess him or her.       -Francis Bacon



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