Quotes for
the Journey:


The needle of our conscience
is as good a compass as any.

Ruth Wolff


Conscience, as I understand it, is the impulse to do the right thing because it is right, regardless of personal ends, and has nothing to do with the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.       -Margaret Collier Graham


If you compromise with your own conscience, you will weaken your conscience.  Soon your conscience will fail to guide you and you will never have real wealth based on peace of mind.       -Napoleon Hill


Peace of mind just can't be bought.  Trust me:  Even if your conscience doesn't stop you from playing dirty to get what you want, once you get it, it will keep you from enjoying it.  As my mother used to say, "A good conscience is God's eye."  Which is why I always prefer a loss to an underhanded gain; the one brings pain at the moment, the other for all time.       -Patti LaBelle


Conscience sometimes speaks with the voice of society, sometimes with the voice of the heart.  Deep in ourselves we always know the difference.
-Jeanne Tardiveau

The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do.  The hard part is doing it.      -H. Norman Schwarzkopf
The ultimate test of a person's conscience may be his or her willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.       -Gaylord Nelson

Conscience, as a mentor, the guide and compass of every act, leads ever to happiness.  When the individual can stay alone with his or her conscience and get its approval, without knowing force or specious knowledge, then he or she begins to know what real happiness is.        -William G. Jordan

Our influence is like a shadow; it may fall even where we think we've never been.  We also need to realize there are no "time-outs" or "vacations" we can take in keeping the Lord's commandments or being true to our conscience.  Stay on track with what you know is right!        -unattributed


There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.       -French Proverb


It is not because people's desires are strong that they act ill; it is because their consciences are weak.  There is no natural connection between strong impulses and a weak conscience.  The natural connection is the other way.
-John Stuart Mill


The world does not stand or fall with discoveries or inventions, nor with the trample of armed hosts and the thunder of bombing planes.  The world stands or falls with the laws of life which Heaven has written in the human conscience.        -Pierre Van Paasen


Labor to keep alive in your breast that spark of celestial fire called conscience.      -George Washington


Conscience is that still, small voice that is sometimes too loud for comfort.       -Bert Murray


Conscience is the root of all free courage; if we would be brave, let us obey our conscience.       -James F. Clark

Conscience is God's
presence in humans.

Emanuel Swedenborg

Reason deceives us;
conscience, never.

Jean Jacques Rousseau


The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience.       -Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird


A disciplined conscience is a person's best friend.  It may not be the most amiable, but it is the most faithful monitor.     -Austin Phelps
When conscience is our friend, all is peace; but if once offended, farewell to the tranquil mind.    -Mary W. Montagu
Cowardice asks, Is it safe?  Expediency asks, Is it politic?  Vanity asks, Is it popular?  but Conscience asks, Is it right?     -Alexander Punshon
Conscience is called the adversary, because it always opposes our evil will; it reminds us of what we ought to do but do not, and condemns us if we do something we ought not.     -Abba Dorotheus
There is a difference between those who do no misdeeds because of their own conscience and those who are kept from wrongdoing because of the presence of others.     -The Talmud
There is always a voice saying the right thing to you somewhere, if you'll only listen for it.     -Thomas Hughes
A good conscience is to the soul what health is to the body; it preserves constant ease and serenity within us, and more than countervails all the calamities and afflictions which can befall us without.     -Joseph Addison
The voice of conscience is so delicate that it is easy to stifle it:  but it is also so clear that it is impossible to mistake it.     -Anne Louise Germaine Necker
Conscience is the most perfect mirror ever made--the one looking glass that cannot be broken.     -Fred van Amburgh
To me, the essence of keeping the soul nourished is obedience to one's conscience.  I don't think that the soul can be nourished unless people have a strong sense of conscience that they have educated and developed and soaked in the universal and timeless principles of integrity and service.  This way, the individual's soul becomes part of the universal soul of service, contribution, and making a difference.     -Stephen R. Covey
God leaves to our conscience the choice of the road we decide to follow, and the liberty of yielding to one or another of the opposing influences that act upon us.     -Allan Kardec
The paradoxical--and tragic--situation of people is that our conscience is weakest when we need it the most.     -Erich Fromm

Conscience is the voice of the soul, as passions are the voice of the body.  No wonder they contradict each other.
-Jean-Jacques Rousseau
If you are honest with yourself, conscience will make known your character.     -Edward Payson
Conscience is the internal perception of the rejection of a particular wish operating within us.     -Sigmund Freud

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