Christianity 2   

Quotes for
the Journey:


Christianity might be a good
thing if anyone ever tried it.

George Bernard Shaw


No people are true Christians who do not think constantly of how they can lift their brother and sister, how they can assist their friends, how they can enlighten mankind, how they can make virtue the rule of conduct in the circle in which they live.        -Woodrow Wilson


An immortal soul, from its very nature, cannot find what it needs anywhere except in God Himself.  True religion begins in the heart.  It is not a mere set of rules to be obeyed--an example to be copied.  It is Christ coming into the heart and dwelling there.       -James R. Miller

We cannot say this or that trouble will not befall, yet we may, by the help of the Spirit, say, Nothing that does befall will make me do that which is unworthy of a Christian.        -Richard Sibbes

It is not the multitude of hard duties, it is not the constraint and contention that advance us in our Christian course.  On the contrary, it is the yielding of our wills without restriction and without choice to tread cheerfully every day in the path in which Providence leads us.  It is to seek nothing, to be discouraged by nothing, to see our duty in the present moment, and to trust all else without reserve to the will and power of God.       -Francois Fenelon


Christianity is different from all other religions.  They are the story of humanity's search for God.  The Gospel is the story of God's search for humans.        -Dewi Morgan


The Christian life that is joyless is a discredit to God and a disgrace to itself.
-Maltie D. Babcock

The true Christians are the true citizens, lofty of purpose, resolute in endeavor, ready for a hero's deeds, but never looking down on their task because it is cast in the day of small things; scornful of baseness, awake to their own duties as well as to their rights, following the higher law with reverence, and in this world doing all that in their power lies, so that when death comes they may feel that humanity is in some degree better because they lived.
-Theodore Roosevelt

Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he or she found bread.       -D.T. Niles

Humans need Jesus Christ as a necessity and not as a luxury.  You may be pleased to have flowers, but you must have bread. . . . Jesus is not a phenomenon, He is bread:  Christ is not a curiosity, He is water.  As surely as we cannot live without bread, we cannot live truly without Christ: If we know not Christ we are not living, our movement is a mechanical flutter, our pulse is but the stirring of an animal life.       -Joseph Parker


The first thing that we have to realize is a fact of fundamental importance, because it means breaking away from all the ordinary prepossessions of orthodoxy. The plain fact is that Jesus taught no theology whatever. His teaching is entirely spiritual or metaphysical.  Historical Christianity, unfortunately, has largely concerned itself with theological and doctrinal questions which, strange to say, have no part whatever in the Gospel teaching.  It will startle many good people to learn that all the doctrines and theologies of the churches are human inventions built up by their authors out of their own mentalities. . . .  There is absolutely no system of theology of doctrine to be found in the Bible; it simply is not there.       -Emmet Fox


Christianity knows no truth which is not the child of love and the parent of duty.       -Phillips Brooks


A Christian is nothing but a sinful person who has put him or herself to school for Christ for the honest purpose of becoming better.       -Henry Ward Beecher


Christianity is the least concerned about religion of any of the world's faiths.  It is primarily concerned about life.
-T.D. Price


The heart of the Christian Gospel is precisely that God is the all holy One; the all powerful One is also the One full of mercy and compassion.  He is not a neutral God inhabiting some inaccessible Mount Olympus. He is a God who cares about His children and cares enormously for the weak, the poor, the naked, the downtrodden, the despised.  He takes their side not because they are good, since many of them are demonstrably not so.  He takes their side because He is that kind of God, and they have no one else to champion them.       -Desmond Tutu


I once read in a Bible commentary that the word "Christian" means "little Christs." What an honor to share Christ's name! We can be bold to call ourselves Christians and bear the stamp of his character and reputation.  When people find out the you are a Christian, they should already have an idea of who you are and what you are like simply because you bear such a precious name.        -Joni Eareckson Tada
Jesus is God spelling himself out in language that humans can understand.       -S.D. Gordon
True Christians, who have power over their own will, may live nobly and happily and enjoy a clear heaven within the serenity of their own minds perpetually.  When the sea of this world is roughest and most tempestuous about them, then they can ride safely at anchor within the haven by a sweet compliance of their will with God's will. They can look about themselves, and with an even and indifferent mind behold the world either to smile or frown upon them. Also, they will not abate in the least their contentment for all the ill and unkind usage they meet with in this life. They who have mastery over their own will, feel no violence from without, find no contests within. When God calls them out of this state of mortality, they find in themselves a power to lay down their own lives, and it is not so much taken from them, as quietly and freely surrendered up by them.        -John Smith

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it but because I see everything in it.       -C.S. Lewis


This is a cheerful world as I see it from my garden under the shadows of my vines. But if I were to ascend some high mountain and look out over the wide lands, you know very well what I should see: brigands on the highways, pirates on the sea, armies fighting, cities burning; in the amphitheaters men murdered to please applauding crowds; selfishness and cruelty and misery and despair under all roofs.  It is a bad world, Donatus, an incredibly bad world. But I have discovered in the midst of it a quiet and holy people who have learned a great secret.  They have found a joy which is a thousand times better than any pleasure of our sinful life. They are despised and persecuted, but they care not.  They are masters of their souls. They have overcome the world.  These people, Donatus, are the Christians--and I am one of them.       -St. Cyprian


Let love be your greatest aim.       -1 Corinthians 14:1

Christianity 2   

It is a great deal better to live a holy life than to talk about it.  Lighthouses do not ring bells and fire cannons to call attention to their shining--they just shine.        -Dwight L.  Moody
This coming to know Christ is what makes Christian truth redemptive truth, the truth that transforms, not just informs. . .      -Harold Cooke Phillips
A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher.  He would either be a lunatic--on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg--or else he would be the Devil of Hell.  Either this man was, and is, the Son of God; or else a madman or something worse.        -C.S. Lewis
If you wish your children to be Christians you must really take the trouble to be Christian yourselves.  Those are the only terms upon which the home will work the gracious miracle.      -Woodrow Wilson
I maintain Christianity is a life much more than a religion.       -R.M. Moberly
It is the great work of nature to transmute sunlight into life.  So it is the great end of Christian living to transmute the light of truth into the fruits of holy living.       -Adoniram J. Gordon
Christianity teaches that the human soul is directly related to God.  Such immediacy is the hallmark of the Divinity of the soul and the center of our freedom.       -Helmut Kuhn
This is what Christianity is for--to teach people the art of Life.  And its whole curriculum lies in three words, "Learn of me."       -unattributed
A true Christian should have but one fear-- lest he or she should not hope enough.       -Walter Elliot
The purpose of Christianity is not to avoid difficulty, but to produce a character adequate to meet it when it comes.  It does not make life easy; rather it tries to make us great enough for life.        -James L. Christensen
The essence of religion is that it releases in people a power and a force beyond human capacity to generate, by which they may rise to a plane of existence in which they are superior to everything life may bring them.  There once lived a man who had the gift of power to overcome anything the world could do to him; and through the years other people, through contact with this man in spiritual communion, have found the same power.  Wistfully, we remember that once he said:  "Verily, I say unto you, they that believeth on me, the works that I do shall they do also; and greater works than these shall they do."  Why are we not "doing works" like that?  What is wrong?  His was a way of living that made weakness and trouble drop away like withered leaves in the fall.  Is it a lost art?  How shall we find it again?
    If the art has been lost to many of us, what can we do?  The answer is, go back and examine it at its source.  And when we go back and analyze the life of Jesus, the source of his power, and of his Divine energy, we are impressed by his faith in God.  He believed God was near to him, using him.  He believed in God with the faith of a child.  He kept in close contact and communion with God and as a result he was an open channel for Divine energy.       -Norman Vincent Peale




Once in a while there comes into the world one who from the very first recognises no separation of his life from the Father’s life, and who dwells continually in this living realisation; and by bringing anew to the world this great fact, and showing forth the works that will always and inevitably follow this realisation, he becomes in a sense a world’s saviour, as did Jesus, who, through the completeness of His realisation of the Father's life incarnate in Him, became the Christ Jesus.  He in this way pointed out to the world how all men can enter into the realisation of the Christ-life and thus be saved from all impulse to sin.  And so instead of coming to appease the vengeance of an angry God—difficult for one who has any adequate conception of God even to conceive of—He brought to the world, by exemplifying in His own life as well as by teaching to all who will hear His real message, the method whereby all of us can enter into the full and complete realisation of our oneness with the life of the tender and loving Infinite Father that dwells within.

Redeemed from the bondage of the senses through which alone sin comes, and born into the heavenly state, into life eternal, is everyone who comes into the same relations with the Father, and hence into the same realisation of their oneness with the Father's life, that Jesus came into.  It is difficult, however, to see how anyone will be redeemed from the bondage of sin and enter into the heavenly state simply by believing that Jesus entered into it while here.  No amount of believing that He lived the life He lived will take anyone into the heavenly state, but living the life that Jesus lived will take everyone who lives it there, in any age and in any time, even whether or not they know that such a man as Jesus ever lived.

Ralph Waldo Trine

Christianity was a difficult struggle for me for a very long time, mostly because of my logical/rational mindset and approach to life. I didn't choose the way my mind works, but I do have to respect it, and my mind didn't allow me to accept blindly much of the theology and dogma that I heard being preached at services I went to. I found it difficult to believe that so much was being taught that wasn't at all Biblical, and I didn't know what to do with that--if the New Testament is our Holiest text, shouldn't our beliefs come directly from there?

Reading the works of Ralph Waldo Trine and Emmet Fox has helped me a great deal in coming to terms with many of the doubts I've had, for they also approach their relationship with Christ from a practical, logical perspective. Helen Keller tells us to value the faith that doesn't come easily, for the faith that we struggle with becomes stronger through the struggles. The bottom line for me is this:  Christ came to teach us how to live our lives so that they'll be fulfilling and full of love, and if we're to get all we can out of this life, we need to heed his words and make them a part of our lives.

Christianity is about reaching potential and loving unconditionally, not about following rules blindly and judging and condemning others. Christianity is about brother- and sisterhood in Christ, for a house divided simply cannot stand.

But teachings aside, we can't ignore Christ's claim to be God.  As C.S. Lewis explains so well, this claim takes away the "great teacher" status that many give to Christ.  Either Christ is God, or he's not.  If he's not, he's making a claim that most of us would consider to be fanatical, and therefore his credibility as a teacher is shot.  If he is, then we have to take him at his word, that he is God; and we also have to take him at his word that we are just as much God as he was, and that we can do greater things than he did if only we have faith.

There have been many horrible things done in the name of Christ and of God, but those have been the actions of people who were selfish or arrogant or afraid to lose their power, so they acted in un-Christian ways and passed their actions off as valid in the eyes of God.  I cannot let my faith in Christ and God be swayed by the selfish and hurtful acts of others who don't want to take the responsibility necessary to live a Christian life and give up their futile attempts at control.

So I believe.  I believe that God is with and in us, always, and that Christ knew this and lived this in order to show us many important things that we need to know if we're to live fulfilling lives.  Christ taught us to love, to be responsible, and most importantly, to have faith in unity, God and life, to have faith that things will be fine if we let things work as they've been made to work, instead of trying to control every aspect of our lives ourselves.  Now, I don't love as much as I could, and I sometimes shirk responsibility that I don't really want to have, and my faith often falls short so that I try to control things that are simply out of my control, but I try.  And it's in the trying that I grow.  

Christianity is not about rules and regulations--it's a way of life that was given to us so that we may make the most of this beautiful gift of life without the worries of what will happen to us when we die--instead of focusing on the fear of the unknown, we can focus on the beauty of the known.



Every praying Christian, every person who has an encounter with God, must have a passionate concern for his or her brother or sister, his or her neighbor.  To treat any one of these as if he were less than the child of God is to deny the validity of one's spiritual existence.     -Desmond Tutu
If someone were to ask me whether I believed in God, or saw God, or had a particular relationship with God, I would reply that I don't separate God from my world in my thinking.  I feel that God is everywhere.  That's why I never feel separated from God or feel I must seek God, any more than a fish in the ocean feels it must seek water.  In a sense, God is the "ocean" in which we live.      -Robert Fulghum
God is right here, wherever you are. God is within you and everywhere around you. God is omnipresent and omniscient. You never have to beg or bargain with God for anything. The Holy Spirit knows your needs even before you do.  And it is God's very nature to fulfill your needs, at the time and in the manner that is best for you. There are many lessons we must learn in our lifetime, but none is more essential to our happiness than this one. We never have to entreat God to be more kind or benevolent.  God is kindness and benevolence.  The very substance of God is love--the love that created you and me.  It is the love within the little acorn that becomes the great oak tree, the love that protects the lilies of the field.  God is the love that is breathing for you, the love that is beating your heart.     -Susan L. Taylor

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Christianity 2   

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