Quotes for
the Journey:


Arrogance is the
obstruction of wisdom.

Bion of Smyrna

When people are most sure and arrogant, they are commonly the most mistaken, and have then given views to passion, without that proper deliberation and suspense which can alone secure them from the grossest absurdities.      -David Hume


How great some people would be if they were not arrogant.      -The Talmud

Anyone who does not exercise compassion is ignorant of the reality that everyone needs it at some time in life; or we forget that someone has blessed us with compassion at a time when we needed it.  That is the smallness of arrogance.  It is a disease of the soul.  It can be highly contagious.  Ignorance is its carrier.  It ravages the souls of those who think there is no reality beyond themselves.  Those who suffer from the smallness of arrogance think that ill fortune is the fault of those who suffer it; that good fortune is a privilege that belongs to them.  Whatever path you take, Grandson, do not succumb to arrogance and endanger your soul.      -Joseph M. Marshall III

An arrogant person can't make me feel bad any more, because it's so easy to see through them once you know that they're faking it.  They've put on this mask because they fear that others will see through them, will understand that no, they're not happy.  I see arrogance as a sad state now, a state in which people try to hide behind their money or their breeding or their social standing or their positions of "power," but a state in which they'll never be able to let their true selves shine through. . . . Be arrogant if you wish.  Look down on others and treat them poorly, if you wish.  But realize that if you do so, you're only allowing your own inner weaknesses to shine through, and you're not fooling anyone.  Not the people around you, who hold you in disdain, not the God who made you and loves you and knows all about you, and not yourself.
-tom walsh

Arrogance is a creature.  It does not have senses.  It has only a sharp tongue and the pointing finger.      -Toba Beta
Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility!  Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate. Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!      -C. JoyBell C
Timing and arrogance are decisive factors in the successful use of talent.      -Marya Mannes
Early in my career I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility.  I chose honest arrogance and have seen no occasion to change.      -Frank Lloyd Wright
When you think yours is the only true path you forever chain yourself to judging others and narrow the vision of God.  The roads to righteousness and arrogance are parallel roads that can intersect each other several times throughout a person's life.  Itís often hard to recognize one road from another.  What makes them different is the road to righteousness is paved with the love of humanity.  The road to arrogance is paved with the love of self.
-Shannon L. Alder

There is a wicked and pervading arrogance loose on the earth, like a rabid beast, an overdog.  Does it run, does it slouch, does its name have a number?  The beast preaches contempt, for that's what arrogance says:  that nothing is real but itself, and the bone and blood of another's being are insubstantial as breath.       -Kelly Cherry
When you judge anotherís religion then your beliefs are finally judged, humility sets in.  At this point, God smiles because he finally got you to recognize arrogance.  Blessed is the person that steps outside their beliefs for one day to absorb a different perspective on life.  From that perspective you will not only learn about others but finally see your true self.       -Shannon L. Alder

Ignorance is a horrible thing.  But arrogance, the belief that knowing a little more than the ignorant makes you wise, is more horrible still.     -James Rozoff
We have come to look at our planet as a resource for our species, which is funny when you think that the planet has been around for about five billion years, and Homo sapiens for perhaps one hundred thousand.  We have acquired an arrogance about ourselves that I find frightening.  We have come to feel that we are so far apart from the rest of nature that we have but to command.     -Marston Bates
Arrogance makes you stronger from outside, but even weaker from inside.     -Ujas Soni
Arrogance likes to appear humble in public.     -Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity
I didn't know that there was a thin line between ignorance and arrogance.     -Faraaz Kazi, Truly, Madly, Deeply
The opposite of humility is arrogance--the belief that we are wiser or better than others.   Arrogance promotes separation rather than community.  It looms like a brick wall between us and those from whom we could learn.     -John Marks Templeton, Worldwide Laws of Life
Arrogance, boastfulness, and the overestimation of our abilities reflects underdeveloped self-esteem rather than, as some people imagine, too much self-esteem.     -Nathaniel Branden, Self-Esteem Every Day
Arrogance really comes from insecurity, and in the end our feeling that we are bigger than others is really the flip side of our feeling that we are smaller than others.     -Desmond Tutu, Believe
The arrogance of age must submit to be taught by youth.     -Edmund Burke
Nobody who is somebody looks down on anybody.     -Margaret Deland

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