Quotes for
the Journey
Supplement your journey through life
with the wise thoughts and words of
advice from some of the most caring
and compassionate people who have
lived, people who have left us great
words of love and peace in the hopes
that their words will touch our lives
and help to live more fully
with more fulfillment!

Since we know that journeys tend to be long and sometimes trying, we've already done much weeding out for you.  Inside this site, you'll find only quotes that are positive, uplifting, and/or thought-provoking.  We know that you don't want to carry TOO much with you, so we wanted to send you along with only the best of the best.

Norman Vincent Peale said, "To a large extent our lives are made by thoughts and ideas.  We become finally what we think.  Over the years the things we read and hear and hold in our thoughts condition our minds and ultimately our lives.  If we put into our consciousness that which inspires and uplifts, it stands to reason that we shall tend to become inspired and uplifted persons. . . . We determine the type of thing we shall feed to our minds."  We agree with him, and we want to share with you our collection of inspiring and uplifting thoughts so that you can make them your own, in your own ways!


Quotations by Topic (continued in lower-right, column 4)

Special Events
and Holidays

Abundance Enthusiasm Learning Christmas
Acceptance Envy Learning 2 Thanksgiving
Achievement Eternity Letting Go New Year's
Achievement 2 Ethics Life Autumn
Action Example Life 2 Winter
Action 2 Exercise Links Spring
Adversity Experience Listening Summer
Adversity 2 Failure Loneliness Independence Day
Advertising Faith Love Teacher Appreciation
Aging Faith 2 Love 2 Mother's Day
Aging 2 Fame Lying Father's Day
Ambition Family Magic
Anger Fate Marriage
Anger 2 Fathers Materialism
Anticipation Fault-Finding Meanness
Apathy Fear Meditation
Appreciation Feelings Mindfulness
Arrogance Flowers Miracles

Art Forgiveness Mistakes
Attitude Forgiveness 2 Mistrust
Attitude 2 Freedom Moderation
Authenticity Freedom 2 Money
Autumn Friendship Motivation
Awakening Friendship 2 Music
Awareness Frustration Mystery
Awareness 2 Fun Native American Wisdom
Awe The Future Nature
Balance Garden of Life Nature 2
Beauty Gardening Negative Attitudes
Being Yourself Generosity Oneness
Beliefs Gentleness Open-Mindedness
Beliefs 2 Giving Opportunity
Body Giving 2 Opportunity 2
Brooding Goals Optimism
Busyness God Pain
Caring God 2 Parenting
Celebration Goodness Passion
Challenges Goodness 2 The Past
Change Grace Patience
Change 2 Gratitude Patience 2
Character Gratitude 2 Peace
Character 2 Greatness Peace 2
Charity Greed Perfectionism
Children Grief Perseverance
Children 2 Growing Up Perspective Silence
Choice Guilt Perspective 2 Silence 2
Christianity Habit Pessimism Simplicity
Christianity 2 Happiness Play Slowing Down
Christmas Happiness 2 Poetry Smiles
Coincidence Hatred Positive Thinking Solitude
Commitment Healing Possessions Solitude 2
Common Sense Health Potential Sorrow
Community Heart Poverty Spirit
Community 2 Helpfulness Power Spirit 2
Comparison Helpfulness 2 Praise Spring
Compassion Home Prayer Stories
Compassion 2 Honesty Prayer 2 Strength
Competition Hope Prejudice Success
Complaining Hope 2 Present Moment Success 2
Compliments Hospitality Present Moment 2 Suffering
Compromise Humility Pride Summer
Confidence Humility 2 Principle Talent
Confidence 2 Hurry Principle 2 Tapestry of Life
Conformity Ideals Problems Teachers
Conscience Identity Progress Teaching
Contentment Idleness Prosperity Thanksgiving
Control Idolatry Purpose Thoughts
Cooperation Ignorance Reading Time
Courage Illusion Recreation Today
Courage 2 Imagination Reflection Today 2
Covetousness Impatience Relationships Tolerance
Creativity Independence Religion Tradition
Crisis Individuality Religion 2 Trees
Criticism The Inner Child Reputation Trust
Cruelty Inspiration Resentment Truth
Death Integrity Respect Truth 2
Death 2 Intimacy Responsibility Values
Decisions Introspection Rest Vanity
Desire Intuition Revenge Virtue
Determination Jealousy Risk Vulnerability
Determination 2 Our Life's Journey Role Models Walking
Disappointment Our Journey 2 Running War
Discipline Joy Ruts Wealth
Discouragement Joy 2 Sadness Weight
Diversity Judgment Safety Winter
Doubt Karma Seasons of Life Wisdom
Dreams Kindness Self Wisdom 2
Dreams 2 Kindness 2 Self 2 Women
Earth Knowledge Self-Love Wonder
Education Language Self-Pity Work
Education 2 Laughter Self-Reliance Work 2
Ego Laughter 2 Self-Respect Worry
Emotions Law of Attraction Selfishness Worship
Encouragement Laziness Service Youth
Enlightenment Leadership Shame Zen
In progress:  Quotes from great positive people
Dale Carnegie Albert Einstein Ralph Waldo Emerson Helen Keller
Mother Teresa Eleanor Roosevelt Anne Morrow Lindbergh Orison Swett Marden
Aristotle Mohandas Gandhi Albert Schweitzer Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross
Wilferd A. Peterson

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Quotes for the Journey is a collection of quotations, short poems, and passages that are designed to be helpful, thought-provoking, and relevant to the lives we're living.  You can browse our collection of thousands of quotes in order to find just the right words to pick yourself up, to pull you out of a down mood, to share with a loved one, to use as support in a speech or essay, or even just to jump-start your thoughts if you need to write or say something important.  I've spent years gathering these quotes from hundreds of different sources--years that have been very fulfilling--and I sincerely hope that you're able to find just what you're looking for here in these pages.
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